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General and standard terms and conditions of business

AGBs (General and standard terms and conditions of business)
Berendes & Partner Consulting GmbH, Berendes & Hoffmann Immobilien GmbH, Berendes & Weski Projektentwicklung und Consulting GmbH, Berendes & Widmann Immobilien GmbH, Berendes & Herrmann Immobilien GmbH and emc Einzelhandels- Management & Consulting e.K. are active in the identification and brokerage of real estate.

Brokerage orders are processed with all due diligence. Our activities take place in accordance with Articles 652 ff. German Civil Code (BGB); our general and standard terms and conditions of business further define all reciprocal rights and obligations.

Please download a copy of our General and Standard Terms and Conditions as a pdf here.

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Historic post office building, Weimar