Business Park Lindau

Sale of a Business Park to a private group of investors

Black Forest Retail Park

Sale to a Family Office

Burger King

Sale of 3 Burger King locations to a private investor

Residential Portfolio in Hamburg

Sale of a Residential Portfolio in Hamburg, approx. 260 Units
Client: German Fund

Office Building in Berlin

Conclusion of a long-term lease for a listed property in Berlin-Mitte and subsequent selling it to a private investor.
Client: Irish wealth management

Former Administrative Building in Hamburg

Conclusion of a long-term lease with a public sector tenant.

Rental space: approx. 4,800 m²

Client: German DAX company

Commercial Properties near Aachen

Sale of commercial properties in the greater Aachen area.

Client: German Development Company

Industrial Property near Stuttgart

Sale of an industrial property in the greater Stuttgart area.

Plot size: approx. 37,550 m²

Client: US-American company

Office Building in Frankfurt

Acquisition of an office building in Frankfurt, approx. 10,000 m².
Client: foreign investor

Office Building in Hamburg

Sale of an office building in Hamburg.
Client: French trust

Office Building in Stuttgart

Sale of an office property in Stuttgart to a Luxembourg pension fund.

Industrial Property in Böblingen

Sale of an industrial property in Böblingen.

Plot size: approx. 44,660 m²

Client: US-American company

Hotel in Hamburg-Center

Sale of a 5-star-hotel in Hamburg to British private investors

Logistic Facility in the Port of Emden

Sale of a logistic property in the port of Emden
Plot approx. 80,000 m²
Warehouse space approx. 25,000 m²
Client: US-American Group

Property of Deutsche Post in Hamburg-Harburg

Conversion of a former post and distribution center of Deutsche Post AG.
Conclusion of a long-term lease and the sale of the property.

Production Facility near Cologne

Renegotiation of a long-term lease contract as part of a MBO and subsequent sale to management (new owner)
Client: Global leader in the cable industry

Surplus Industrial Property in Marsberg

Discontinued industrial premises in Marsberg/Sauerland.
Plot size approx. 35,000 m²
Warehouse and office space approx. 20,000 m²
Client: US-American automotive supplier

Residential Portfolio in Berlin

Sales of two residential units with 189 apartments in Berlin-Lichtenberg
Client: German property fund

Office Building in Fulda

Conclusion of a long-term lease and the sale of the property.
Client: German DAX company